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Using Gooroo Jobs

Last Updated: Feb 15, 2018 08:07AM AEDT

Gooroo uses next generation talent identification technology to combine skills, mindsets and behaviours to determine role and culture fit to your role, team and organization.

Step 1: Start on the Jobs landing page, then click ‘Add a new Job’ and scroll through the create jobs screen

The first step is to create a job post with a standout role description. 

  • Add a clear job title
  • Define the contract type
  • Define the date the job ad expires. Yo can edited and extend this later if necessary
  • Select the audience. If you want to limit who sees this job, select 'Private' (to limit to your talent community) or 'Internal applicants only' (to limit to staff).
  • Add the location and any working right requirements
  • Add short summary of the job
  • Add a detail description of the job description. Please note that this is used to automatically populate the 'Skills' list
  • Now fine tune your skills for this role. Our matching is based on what skills are listed and how important they are.  
  • Add the experience and education you required
  • Finally finish with salary expectations. You don't need to display these to the applicant if you don't want to.

Step 2: Select a Mindspace benchmark

Gooroo is unique that its unbiased artificial intelligence and predictive matching technology encompasses psychographics to ensure a culture and team fit as well as a skills fit.

In this step it is recommended that you select a Mindspace benchmark for your role. Benchmarks help you define your ideal candidate. 

If you haven't yet created a benchmark, that's fine. You can click on the link to get one started or alternatively continue to create your job and come back to it later.

Step 3: Syndicate/promote your job

The final step is to promote your job in as many places as possible to reach the best candidates and have them apply. When you add a job to Gooroo we automatically post the job to the Gooroo talent community (unless you have marked as private or limited to your talent bank and it will just be made available to them). 

We've provided a few popular job board references for you to promote your job. Copy and paste the job link and share it across these job boards and social media to have all your applications to funnel through Gooroo's application and screening engine.

Success: Now you will see the job ‘match’ page

Now that your job is posted, Gooroo give you a list of prospective candidates in market (ranked) or from your own talent community. Simply reach out to them and encourage them to apply for your job.

Once they have applied, they will be ranked against other applicants. You can view their full application details, including a detailed Mindspace report. From there you can decide who you want to shortlist, interview and hire!

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