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What is Gooroo Mindspace?

Last Updated: Dec 04, 2017 01:38PM AEDT
What is Mindspace?

Gooroo Mindspace is a collection of strategic assessment tools used for executive decision making, recruitment and workforce planning.
Gooroo Mindspace represents a comprehensive, data-driven system designed to objectively assess the best fit between organisations and employees across a full range of positions focused on the application of technology to a firm. Built on 21st century neurological research and developed from 40 years of integrated work, it incorporates theory from a range of experts, including Edward deBono, Geert Hofstede, Prof Ronald Inglehart, Prof Bob Mathis and Dr Colin Benjamin OAM.
Philosophy and neural science tells us that the past doesn't predict the future and that people have the power to change their minds and their access to opportunity. Mindspace determines the predisposed patterns of thinking at an individual, team and organisational level and provides a measurable benchmark from which to build from.

What is Gooroo ColourGrid™?

ColourGrid™ provides insight to employers about how well aligned a candidate is with their culture at both a corporate and team level.  For the individual, ColourGrid™ lets them know how suited they are to a specific job and organisation.
ColourGrid™ is a comprehensive, data-driven tool that is owned by Gooroo to deepen the knowledge of both the candidate and the hiring organisation; designed to objectively assess best fit between organisations and employees.
ColourGrid™ identifies the social, cultural, economic and behavioural factors (often referred to as “mindset”) that influence a specific individual's behaviour and their capacity to perform in a job. ColourGrid™ forecasts the capacity of an individual giving employers a unique insight in to which candidate is likely to be more productive and is likely to contribute to the growth of the firm.
A ColourGrid test offers up results in the form of the most prominent ‘mindsets’ - the primary and secondary response patterns (colours) held by an individual. However, it collects far more data and contains a far more detailed profile for each candidate than just one or two colour ‘tiles’. With sixteen cells, and with each cell able to be graded along a gradient (spectrum) from [rejected] to [full], there is a staggering number of possible grid combinations that an assessment can detect. The full Grid profile - with a pattern made from data in every cell - records a person’s ‘mindspace’; a complex and dynamic snapshot of their beliefs, attitudes, sensitivities and responses at the time.

How does Gooroo measure individual potential?

Gooroo combines three dimensions to generates a potential performance ranking. These dimensions include:
  • “EXPERIENCE” (Mindset) – measures formal and derived competence established from past work experiences, education or training. It recognises accumulated knowledge and hands-on lessons that recognise continuous learning.
  • “EXPERTISE” (Career Expertise) – structured and thorough knowledge, skills and attitudes in specific techniques and technologies required by employers who are seeking to gain a competitive advantage. It assumes a combination of formal training, certification and qualification of education and prior application of knowledge bases.
  • “ENGAGEMENT” (Work Style) – measures the behaviours that build and sustain business growth within a culture of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurism. As an employer, you are seeking talent who are able to put in the extra effort, meet stretch goals and assign high-impact, high-visibility processes and projects that build both career and company celebrity performance. 
These results are also presented across six key success factors of productivity, solutions, autonomy, change, persuasion, and challenge. These factors provide a deep, personalised view into the way a person engages and approaches their work, as well as their alignment to the benchmark requirements of the role.

How is Gooroo able to define the thinking styles required for a role?

Is 2016, Gooroo acquired the assets of ColourGrid™, an advanced relational meaning system based on over 40 years of research. ColourGrid is the brainchild of scientist Dr Colin Benjamin OAM who has spent over half of his life dedicated to understanding the thinking patterns of the human mind, and the factors that drives decision-making at an individual level, and performance at a team and organisational level. 
Dr Benjamin has worked with a number of leading researchers in the field; leveraging and expanding on their work to build an integrated, complex and instructive frame of reference. This work links, for example, a range of Jungian elements with Hofstede cultural dimensions, SRI lifestyle preferences and Marschak’s decision system with the Knud Illeris frame of reference for learning styles.
Dr Benjamin and the Gooroo team have leveraged this body of work to design a highly reliable and unique framework that maps the behaviours, problem solving, learning styles and personal orientations required for role success in growth-focused organisations.

What is the methodology you use?

The Gooroo methodology relies on contributions from both the individual and employer. It combines the detailed analysis of team and role requirements with behavioural and skill assessments of individuals. 
Deep neural networks and data science are used to assess the level of skill alignment to a role
Natural language processing is used to interpret priority and emphasis across requirements, skills and reporting
Behavioural questionnaires are used to determine life, work and behavioural preferences of both individuals, teams and cultures
Machine learning is used to further refine the reliability of datasets and the accuracy of matching systems.
The Gooroo methodology is focused on finding the highest potential contributor and most capable technology thinker in the context of a specific role and company.

Can the assessment be cheated?

No, Gooroo can identify if a survey is being completed inaccurately. 
Candidates have no possible way of discerning what skills, thinking styles and requirements are more or less important for the role. With this in mind, candidates are encouraged to complete all surveys accurately as poor responses will work against their immediate and future chances of being considered for a role. 

How do I interpret the results?

Gooroo provides automated, on-screen reporting to assist with understanding of results. You may request support from a Gooroo consultant at any time via

How lengthy are the surveys for candidates? 

During the job application process, only 18 questions are asked which takes about 3 minutes to complete.
Additional surveys can be requested each contain less than 16 questions.
Gooroo is in a unique position to offer assessments that minimise time spent while offering maximum levels of reliability, insight and instruction. 

How do I identify the priority skills and capabilities to hire that will improve the performance of my team?

The Gooroo platform will intelligently guide you to ensure that all requirements are captured that are aligned to a successful hire. You can use Gooroo’s assessment tools to evaluate your team and to establish benchmarks that ensure that the role being hired for will positively contribute to the performance of your team.

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