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What is Gooroo Enterprise?

Last Updated: Dec 04, 2018 10:00AM AEDT
Gooroo Enterprise powers business transformation, creating a world that understands how people think, through neuroscience, big data and technology.

Gooroo Enterprise is our Human Capital application that helps;
  • Capture data via surveys that help understand the Mindspace of individuals and teams
  • Identifies and dynamically ranks prospective candidates (internal or external) from a list or database
  • Assesses internal teams to build hiring benchmarks that are aligned to the unique characteristics of a team and company
  • Provides unique data and reporting to support decision-making and planning
  • Enables companies to build data rich talent pools to assist with future sourcing projects.
Why should I use Gooroo?
Gooroo has been built for organisations who agree that technology is going to play an important part in their futures. Consider Gooroo if you are wanting to;
  • Build higher performing teams. Leading change, disruption and transformation, through the science of human thinking.
  • Deliver more effective messaging. Gaining actionable insights you can apply immediately through an enriched understanding of your customers.
  • ​Transform careers. Empowering people to take more control over their future, by better matching individuals to careers, learning and job opportunities.

What is different and unique about Gooroo’s approach?
Without any previous knowledge or training, the Gooroo platform helps to define the person you need to hire and dynamically screen candidates, removing the need for a CV. Gooroo assesses the dimensions of expertise, experience and engagement required for each role and matches these requirements to a list of individual applicants. A complex algorithm, driven by artificial intelligence, analytics and applied neuroscience is used to predict the best applicant for a specific role and team. Gooroo processes help to reduce unconscious bias and promote diversity in the workplace.

How accurate are Gooroo’s matches?
Research has shown Gooroo to consistently outperform any other skills, psychometric or behavioural matching system anywhere in the world. Combining an analysis of both the employer and the individual, coupled with technology in deep learning, data science and (over 40 years of) applied behavioural science research, allows Gooroo to confidently offer predictive matches with up to 85% more reliability that other methods.

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