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Hints and tips for writing articles that get read and shared

Last Updated: Jun 04, 2016 08:23PM AEST
It’s is hard to believe that everyone in your industry wouldn’t want to read your blog or thought piece. I mean you are brilliant, your topic choice is obvious, you have backed it up with tireless and credible research and you have arranged your thoughts in a chronological yet thought provoking manner…..zzzzz
I think you get the point.
If you are inexperienced at writing blog articles or find that you are currently not getting the adulation that you crave and before you go replicating the same old habits on GoorooThink, consider the following ideas to shooz up your writing. 

If this is your first article or blog piece, we understand that it can be hard to get moving. Don't give up though - we want to hear from you! Take your time, save it and come back. Get a friend to review it if you like. But don't stop. Get it done and we promise you, it will get easier the more you write!

The title

Article titles that create intrigue, answer common questions and are instructional will entice someone to want to read an article, will rank higher and perform much better.

Consider titles that use this type of approach:
  • "Top 5 reasons for…"
  • "The things you must avoid…"
  • "The best features of…"
  • "What is [ ] and strategies to…"
  • "What will the recent changes in [ ] mean…", etc.
What are the articles you like to read? Take note of the titles that grab your attention.

The semantic search algorithms used by the popular search engines are trying to help users get answers, fast. If you structure your content in this way, with helpful tips, guidelines and solutions, they will also tend to rank well. 

The article’s content

Articles that are topical and are about popular technologies and concepts will always get more hits. Try to write about topics that people are searching about and are being talked about by other vendors and are in the media.
Use a relaxed, conversational tone in your articles, and use it as an opportunity to express your personality. Remember your goal is to get the user to read your entire article and share it with their network.
Chunk your content, and use descriptive sub-headings to break up the article. Minimize long slabs of text as they're harder (and tiring) to read and you'll quickly lose your audience
Consider a call to action at the end of your article to invite responses. Ask others about their experiences or thoughts, people love being asked their opinion. 

Creative bits

Images and charts work well and can "tell a thousand words". A good image breaks up the written content, creates a visual appeal and in long lists of articles; an effective image can draw a reader's eye to your article. Make sure the image is not pixelated and if it includes text/numbers, is easily legible.

Readers love watching video and provide an opportunity for you to create a connection with your audience.


When being critical about something in an article, always justify your position and provide a solution that is reasonable and well considered. Readers won't always agree with you, but will respect a well-argued position. Don't ever criticize another person.
Don’t sit back and expect the readers will come flooding in. Promote / share your article across all social media channels. If the site allows, 'pin' them to the top of your feed. Also, sites like Reddit and HackerNews are happy to provide links to quality content and traffic is typically strong from these sites if the articles are of interest and quality. 

Good luck and remember to enjoy your writing.

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